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Facts and data regarding police reform in Texas

Over the past year, the public discourse surrounding law enforcement reform has been...

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New Mexico State Police officer shot and killed on highway

New Mexico was in mourning Friday over the shooting death of a State Police officer in a...

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Edinburg police officers prevail in union fight against city

“The members of Edinburg United stood up to the Chief and as a result were persecuted for...

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Texas Trooper Chad Walker dies 5 days after being shot in ambush

Texas Highway Patrol Trooper Chad Walker was ambushed while responding to what he...

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Balcones Heights Police say an officer was shot after responding to a scene in NW San Antonio

On Thursday, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office identified two suspects said to be...

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Qualified Immunity for Law Enforcement

While it is well understood that governmental bodies enjoy sovereign immunity, meaning they...

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